Indie Comic Spotlight: Carpe Chaos


This week we have a mammoth interview and spotlight event going on with the guys from the web comic Carpe Chaos. Those of you not familiar with Carpe Chaos here is a little synopsis from the crew…

Carpe Chaos is an independent science-fiction space-opera webcomic about five alien races who learn to travel between stars, and it focuses on the ways their cultures collide and how they work to solve their problems. Each story stands on its own, but because our stories follow their histories over several thousand years you can get a really wide perspective on their societies and personalities if you read through the archives.

When I first approached Carpe Chaos I literally had no clue what to think. But after reading through their work I was hooked. The amazing part about Carpe Chaos is the diversity and depth that they have managed to capture in this saga. Each writer,creator,and artist in this series has a defined concept of the scope and voice of not only every creature but every alien race.

Jason Bane is the editor, one of the writers and project leader. Eric essentially created the universe and is the second main writer. Anthony, Daniel, and Joeare all artists on the series and have contributed to different stories.

Today I wanted to feature a few pages from one of the Carpe Chaos story lines that I personally really enjoyed. It’s called Filter Dregs and, well it speaks for itself. So head over to the Carpe Chaos website and read the rest of Filter Dregs and also check out the rest of the series. Tomorrow we will be putting up an interview that we did with most of the Carpe Chaos team. Until then enjoy some free awesome web comic goodness, thanks again to the dudes at Carpe Chaos for sharing their great vision with us.