Like so many half-baked plans, Panel Bound was created in order to cover for what some might call a “white lie.” While gliding from dozens of “how to make it in comics” panels, the Panel Bound team discovered one common piece of advice given at each and every session — get to know people who make comics.

Armed with this knowledge and a stomach full of convention food, team Panel Bound began interviewing creators for “a site where we interview creators,” which, of course, did not exist. So, we made one.

Panel Bound is the home for aspiring writers, artists and overall creative people looking to start making comics. We’re also here for your web and indie comic needs. Like WalMart but less evil, we’ve got it all.

If you want to know how to pitch a comic, what to include in a submission packet or how to write a beautiful log line, Panel Bound has got you covered.

Let’s make some comics together.