The Biological Dentist Choice

First off, I enjoy reading about health and food on this blog. It was an article posted here that started me on a lifestyle that ultimately found me lighter, with more energy and happier. My learning went beyond eating right and exercising, and a good deal of small but important lifestyle choices contributed to my overall metamorphosis to a truly “well” individual.


I’d like for this article to add a little bit to other people’s transformations in the same way. Perhaps I can add a small detail to your learning that will have a positive effect. Have you ever heard of holistic dentistry?

Holistic dentistry

Quite simply, a holistic dentist looks at the “whole” biological picture when providing his or her services. They are trained dentists, qualified to offer all the services one comes to expect from a dentist. However, they have expertise in areas relating to diet, kinesiology and any of the biological processes that involve overall wellness. So, during a regular checkup, one can expect more than simple small talk and reminders about flossing (which, at best, is suspect already!)


Holistic dentists will offer you a full range of recommendations aimed not only at your oral health, but the whole you. This makes sense for so many reasons, but, to me, it’s just a reflection of the interconnectedness of our biology. Every part of our body, including our psychology, is related in some way. So, if a symptom presents in your mouth, it may be indicative of a problem somewhere else in your body, or it may relate to a lifestyle choice you need to re-evaluate.

How it fit in for me

Well into my biscottisardi-inspired conversion to health and wellness, I moved house. In my new community, I went about setting up all of the usual things. When I got to choosing a dentist, I went with someone close by who advertised as a holistic dentist. The cost was relatively similar to my old guy, it had good reviews, convenient hours of operation and on my first visit, I saw all the regular credentials I expect to see in the offices of a trained medical professional.


Later, during my first appointment, while mentally preparing myself to perpetuate some fake news about my flossing habits, I got a shock. After making an offhand comment about how I maintain a healthy weight, I was asked casually about my diet. I talked a bit about my paleo eating, my daily physical activity, and my vices (coffee and a bit too much partying). At first, I felt as transparent as I had when I was a lad being asked about my non-existent flossing. Here comes the speech about coffee and nightclubs, I thought. It was just the opposite.


A great discussion ensued, where each party was respected and ideas were shared along with the evidence-based reasoning behind them.


Long story short: I got good advice that led me to hone my then current understanding of healthy behaviour, and I made course changes accordingly. I still drink coffee and have way too much fun for a man in his thirties. Eat your heart out.


Consider seeing a holistic dentist as part of your healthy routine of maintaining your wellness. There are much more important things in your life. I am not saying this is crucial. I am saying this is a little puzzle piece that you may find a good fit for your lifestyle. They are often referred to as “biological dentists” (hence the title of my blog post). Check one out. Likely, you’ll find there are tons of options in your area, indicating capitalism and healthy living are still in good shape.