Skullkickers Creator Jim Zub Has Some Of The Best Comic Writing Advice Online

Here is something for you aspiring comic writers out there. Friend of the site and all around nice guy, Jim Zub from Skullkickers has put up some pretty great writing tips and tricks on his personal blog. Apparently, tired of shooting advice back and forth on Twitter, Zub started posting writing tutorials on his blog starting with part one, “brainstorming,” which offers advice like:

“The first thing I do is brainstorm a series of point form ‘things’ – facts that need to be relayed to the reader so the story makes sense – character traits, settings, antagonists, goals, character changes or revelations. It’s a giant jumble of story ideas, characters and key moments – the raw story ingredients all piled up.”

Skullkickers is a wonderful comic that has some of the best writing on shelves right now. Zub is a master of the comic script and his advice is certainly something you will want to look into. Zub’s tutorials are on their fifth part right now and range from pacing to scripting.

Going over all of this advice again while writing this post, I can tell you that pound for pound this is some of the best comic writing advice on the Internet. The whole reason we started Panel Bound was to find more information about creating comics for both writers and artists. Zub’s advice is some of the best out there especially for writers. Check out all of the writing tutorials at Zub’s blog here.