Comic Writer Nolan T Jones Talks ‘Colonial Souls’ & Boring Manga That Is Actually Pretty Exciting [AUDIO]

We first met Nolan T Jones after he contacted us to write a little piece on “The Legend of Luther Strode.” Nolan wasn’t necessarily attached to the book in terms of art or writing he was actually just out there marketing the book.

Marketing in comics has, strictly speaking, been reserved for The Big Two as they send teaser pages to a handful of major comic publications online. Marketing and comics still to this day have a rocky relationship. There were at least a dozen different books announced at San Diego Comic Con this year that I still haven’t heard anything on since. No teasers or press releases, like they dropped right off the face of the Earth.

Nolan is looking to work around this problem by reaching out and contacting sites big and small to write, post, and talk about new projects. Nolan isn’t only marketing though, he also writes a wonderful independent book “Colonial Souls,” which is now on its first issue.

We caught up with Nolan via the wonders of the Internet to talk about his many comic projects, why manga about baseball isn’t boring, and — although we would never admit it – our borderline obsession with Brandon Graham.